Vecarro Group

Isabelle Vermeire didn’t have much with cars when she first started studying. But ever since 2011, when she took over the family business of her father, Marc, she does have everything to do with your car. To unburden drivers and fleet managers with a high-end service became her life work. To fulfil this task, Isabelle manages a staff of professional and highly skilled contributors, who go the extra mile, each and every day, supported by an honest and sustainable corporate policy. Together with her team, Isabelle thus still cherishes her father’s slogan, time and over again: Vecarro remains the place where every cloud has its silver lining.

Quality policy


Vecarro is acknowledged by ‘Eurogarant’, the number one quality label in the bodywork industry. Eurogarant is your guarantee for a pristine approach to your damage case.

Febelcar Bodyworks

Our company is part of the legally certified professional federation Febelcar, the Royal Belgian Federation of Bodywork Companies.

Sustainable Repairs

Vecarro cares for the environment. That is why we actively work on providing al our accommodations with the label ‘Sustainable Repairs’. It is just our way to contribute to a greener world.

Customer satisfaction

Exactly how satisfied are you with our service? After we repaired your car, you can share your experience with us, and we will translate your remarks into better day-to-day practices.

Eurogarant Smart

Vecarro not only has eyes for your comfort, but also for your budget. Small damages can be fixed fast and cheap with Smart Repair, alternative and innovative reparation techniques and tools for small damage repairs.


Vecarro uses the newest tools to constantly connect all workspaces and offices, thus assuring an excellent communication between all parties involved. It certainly is the cherry on the cake of our high-end customer service.

Sustainable entrepreneurship

The Voka Charter Duurzaam Ondernemen (VCDO, ‘Charter Sustainable Entrepreneurship’) offers all companies the opportunity to shape a sustainable business. Based on the VCDO, every company (of every size and in every sector) is able to develop a suitable action plan that assures a continuous improvement of evermore sustainable ways of doing business, within the framework of the UN objectives for sustainable development. At the end of each year, every participant presents its realisations to a team of independent experts. After a positive evaluation the company receives the VCDO.